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Welcome to Infinite Assets.

Created to achieve the financial
objective of its partners, together,
by investing in property.

A great investment.

Why invest in property?

UK residential property has shown the best long-term performance of all UK asset classes over recent years, with returns exceeding those seen from commercial property and the equity markets. Residential property is the largest asset class, valued at over £6 trillion, with the private rented sector (PRS) estimated to have a value of more than £1.2 trillion.

With the shift in demographics and change in generational attitudes towards home ownership, the PRS has grown 55% since 2010 to £1.29 trillion. The number of homes in the PRS currently totals 5.7 million and is expected to rise to 7.2 million by 2025.

With this in mind, and with housing demand outstripping supply by some 100,000 properties a year, Infinite Assets are confident that such disparity between supply and demand will support future property prices and rental yields.

We believe that property is the best vehicle to generate wealth, and with our help, we will ensure wealth is attained for you and your family.

You won’t be disappointed.

Why choose Infinite Assets?

With your goals in mind, using our expert industry knowledge and vast experience of property investment, we structure a clear strategy to achieve them. Whether it be by investing in single buy to let’s (BTL’s), Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s), new build developments, conversions, ground rents or simply by giving you a return on your capital.

We work alongside venture capitalists and high-net worth individuals where funds are in abundance but time and management isn’t.

We also assist private investors with little or no knowledge in property investment. Both are valued equally to us and we strive to fulfil your objectives in a realistic timeframe.

What we strive on.


Communication and trust in any partnership is key to its longevity and success. Our values are at the core of everything we do which sets a foundation for a positive and lasting relationship with our partners.

Our core values are:






You won’t be disappointed.


Return on Capital
Short Term Investing
Portfolio Builder
Long Term Investing

Return on Capital.

Short Term Investing.

At a time of historically low interest rates and with bank deposits earning little interest, Infinite Assets offer an alternative to traditional investing.

Infinite Assets will ensure a much greater return on your capital, with our partners benefiting from returns well in excess of those currently available with UK banks.

We guarantee a percentage return on your investment, for a commitment period of 6 to 18 months and all funds are secured by a Deed of Personal Guarantee or charge on the asset, offering peace of mind and security.

Portfolio Builder.

Long Term Investing.

Infinite Assets offer a complete hand’s-off approach to property investing for its partners. Whether it be lack of experience, time, or management, we overcome that challenge by supporting you on your property journey.

Building a property portfolio for the long term with Infinite Assets has increased benefits – security, capital appreciation and maximised returns using compounded rental profits and capital recycling.

Using our experience, we build the portfolio from start to finish – property sourcing, finance, renovation/conversion, management, refinance, and sale. This allows our partners to sit back and relax while reaping all the benefits that come with investing in property!

The guys that make it happen.

Meet the team.

Mitch Nunn and Neil Sweeney have extensive experience in all aspects of property, and collectively own a multi-million-pound property portfolio across a number of single buy to lets, HMO’s and freehold ground rents. In addition to this, they have completed several land and commercial property purchases and successfully obtained planning for conversion or new-build developments.

They also have a great understanding of property management and the challenges that come with managing a property portfolio, as jointly they have founded and operate an independent residential block management company, whereby they manage in excess of 600 units across 30 developments in Essex and London. They have a fantastic team in place and have implemented modern systems to ensure properties are managed efficiently.

Mitch and Neil also jointly own Sicuro (UK) Ltd, which specialises in supporting the construction industry. Across both companies, they employ 13 staff and have a collective turnover of £1.2 million annually.

Mitch and Neil are both devoted dads with five beautiful girls between them. In their spare time Mitch can often be found in the gym, while Neil enjoys paddle boarding.